Figuring it out matters!

INSPIRATION: our challenge from today (roll out) on

Dear Team,

Call me a dreamer. It sometimes is perceived as a good thing but it’s also considered a tough thing to some. I know. Others, in my past and now, have told me that dreaming can be uncomfortable.  It’s scary NOT to be in control. I know it. For me– I love the “what-if” attitude about it. I love to discover, be surprised, and also the safety of familiarity along the way. It helps me connect with the relevance of the why, it inspires me to see and feel the meaningfulness of the possibilities, and it gives me fuel to see the value of the applicability of it. 

Dreaming helps me see beyond the obvious.  That’s why I joined Digital Promise. I want to help you make and tell that story!
This Lego commercial is my manifesto right now. As you all roll out, you’re really rolling out your own new possibilities. It’s more than handing a tablet that is connected to the Internet to a student. It’s a portal to options and possibilities. 

Is it scary? Yes! Is it worth it, YES! is it the right thing to do, HECK YEAH!  This is a beautiful and scary time for the system of education.  It’s scary if the adults feel they can manage and control it all. It’s beautiful if it shifts the control and ownership of the learning experience with the students and their families. This is what you’re all doing– you’re including students and their families into this new story of what learning needs to look like from now on.

Watch, listen, and experience this Lego commercial. I love what it says. Can you see this as your story that you want to tell? Are you learning and helping others to FIGURE IT OUT? If so, do you have evidence of what this looks like now? Do you have pieces of it? If you don’t, what questions should you be asking so that you can generate the necessary evidence to show the world this new face of learning at your school?

Be inspired. Inspire others. Clarify where needed. Model every chance you get. Help others grow. Share that experience!  The last line of this Lego commercial says: “I’m about to make something that will make you proud.” This is so important. Pause and think about this sentence. Be the change! Do Epic stuff! 

Dream. Select the necessary questions, resources, and people to help you with new ideas or enhance the ones you have now. Connect with other dreamers! Reflect on your victories along the way. Please share your lessons learned through the process. Make sure your needs and concerns are heard so that others can help turn them into a lesson learned and ultimately into more victories for you. This will get you and your school the narrative needed to be the change and do epic stuff. If we don’t, the traditional system will continue to miss opportunities for many of our children and the traditional system will continue to limit how we measure a wonderful learning experience.

Start your story now…



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