DRAFT: What does it mean to be remarkable?

I love words. I love stating what they mean. I love learning about what they mean to me. In other words how can I connect that word or associated with a fact, a process, or a goal of mine. what does it actually mean? It means something that is worth remarking on. Simple, But, very powerful.

I am a sucker for a remarkable moment. In fact, that’s a photographer, my goal is to make people interact with my images. In other words make them ask questions based on what I am presenting. This created interactivity includes the viewer into my world. It helps me create an immediate team: Me, my art, and the viewer.

Think about the experiences in your life this week. What was worth remarking on? In schools, what was remarkable this past week? via empirical evidence, when I asked my cousins or nephews about their remarkable experiences with their schooling this week, their number one response was “nothing.” As a storyteller, I am intrigued by the challenge of what could’ve been done to create more remarkable moments.

Guiding question: what is a remarkable moment for me? Who is a remarkable teacher? What was a remarkable lesson? What was a remarkable experience/project? when I look at a meal, I ask myself how can I make it more remarkable? Did ingredients need it, do I need to adjust a technique, how do I make a more engaging presentation of my meal?

Remarkable moments create loyalty. Human beings like to feel good. They like to feel special. They like to feel included. And, in many cases– they love challenges. Remarkable moments create a syncing of communities. As Seth Godin explains in many of his blogs, these moments create tribes, Loyal tribes.

So, how can you create remarkable moments? how can you adjust to create remarkable moments? How can people around you create remarks based on an experience they had with you? People are fans of specific foods because of the remarkable experience they had with it. They are loyal to hotels and restaurants because of their remarkable experiences with them. They are fans of musicians, artists, athletes because of the remarkable moments they provided emotionally. These remarkable moments make people care.

These are stories that need to happen more often in our schools, workplace, and even families. take some time every week to evaluate, reflect, and rethink about your remarkable moments.

Share those stories. Create or join a loyal tribe! Make people care!

(PHOTO BELOW: A redefining and very remarkable moment: Steve Gleason of the New Orleans Saints blocks an Atlanta Falcons kick during the first game back after Hurricane Katrina shut down the city.  This remarkable moment symbolized a moment that the city didn’t  give up.  They won this important game against their rivals, too.  The city and the New Orleans Saints immortalize this moment by making the statue and calling it “Rebirth”. Although it is a Sports moment that lasted a few seconds, it was one VERY important and remarkable moment that redefined a new beginning of the city).




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