DRAFT. From idea to a finished movie.


Let me make this clear. It’s not the technology that should stop you from creating a movie. there are many stops to make a movie and the technology is a tool used on some of those steps. For example, here is a brief outline of what a project can look like from start to finish. Most directors don’t know all of the pieces, however, they know what they want. Their goals are clear-ish and they trust they have a team that will figure it out.

The key is workflow.

If I want to make lasagna, I know I need the following items: lasagna noodles, minced meat, tomato sauce, spices, and cheese. I call this the “noun” part of the plan.

The second part of the process is what to do with those ingredients:

Boil the lasagna noodles, cook the minced meat, heat up the tomato sauce, add the spices, and finally layer the cheese as needed. Finally, we bake the assembled dish. This part of the plan I call the “verbs”.

Lastly, we talk about the tools. We boil The noodles using a stove and a big pot. We use a smaller pot to heat the tomato sauce. Will use a wider pan and a spoon to help cook the minced meat. We use a baking pan to assemble the lasagna components. At last, we use the oven to bake the lasagna dish. This part is the tools part.

And the sections, there are parts that we know and parts that we don’t know. To figure it out, we ask what do we know and what do we need to know.

This is how I produce my version of lasagna a.k.a., movies. I think about what those nouns are going to be, then I figure out the verbs I need to help me deal with the nouns, I then look at my resources or tools to see what I need or what questions I need to be asking. for some of this, I have knowledge as well as solutions, however, for other means, I may need to go online and find out, talk to someone, or connect with someone who can do it for me.

As a filmmaker, we don’t think about the tool first. We think about the story. The lasagna. If we thought about the tools first, it would prevent us from focusing on the most important part of this process. So, advice: start with your needs, goals, nouns, and then find your verbs and your tools.

I remember early lesson in a film class at a true filmmaker, storyteller knows how to figure things out. to this day, I use this as my motivation. If I don’t know something, what do I know, what do I need to know, and where can I go for help. this is my initial process.

For me, this is called learning. And, I love it.


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