DRAFT. Leveraging your iPad and tablet to create a digital storytelling classroom.

Recently, I came across an blog post that a friend shared with me regarding using the iPad for digital storytelling

I still get asked a lot how can we use the iPad/tablet more in the classroom and I keep going back to digital storytelling as my obvious choice! It’s such a wonderful way for your students to personalize how they can report back their learnings and reflections. Instead of everyone JUST writing a paper, you now have options for students to showcase their assignmnets.

For example, some can make a song, others can make a newsletter, another group can write a blog post, other students can create a podcast, and maybe another group can create a documentary style report. The options are limitless now. As a group, you can create a rubric on what you want to see included in the project. What evidence do you want to see. You can still ask the students to display evidence of the learning goals you set out at the start.  Once the expectations and the possibilities are discussed, allow the students to search for a medium to collect, curate, cultivate, and create their projects.

See this list below for ideas that I copied from Sam Glicksman’s KQED blog post:

• Create a narrated slide-show story to demonstrate the understanding of new vocabulary.

• Use a video or screencast (a recording of interactions on a computer or iPad display) to explain a complex scientific concept.

• Create an audio or video interview of your grandparents for a family history project.

• Create a historical narrative of a pivotal event using images and audio.

• Create a first-person audio journal of a person who lived during a significant event in history.

• Explain a mathematical concept by creating a screencast tutorial.

• Use audio podcasting to practice reading and speaking in a foreign language.

• Demonstrate a portfolio of work with personal narrative describing each piece, its objectives, and development.

• Narrate a character story or a personal journal with a musical soundtrack.

Having options like these now, make the classroom experience so much more engaging for everyone. Finished projects don’t have to look the same anymore.  This way we can create a more personalized (or differentiated) experience.

Personally, as a social studies teacher, I have used digital storytelling as a way to connect my students with my learning goals. It provided me with many more options to create success in the classroom. I hope this list can inspire Instead of the students record your Theden consumed information, they produced information. This also helps grow their portfolios!  Its a WIN WIN WIN!!!


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