[DRAFT] How to make a HOW TO video look GREAT! 

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.32.11 AM

We’re going to shoot our video like a cooking show producer directs and produces their “how to” shows. So, if you’re thinking like a cooking show producer, You’re on the right track.  We’ll be ready in no time!!!

It’s a simple recipe.

  1. Plan the video. There will be two pieces needed to be shot. Stay tuned for the specifics.
  2. Write a quick script-ish of what you want to show.
  3. Shoot the main video (A Roll): It’s the explanation.  Also, use a tripod on the recording device or make sure it stays as still as possible! USE A TRIPOD!
  4. Shoot the close ups (based on the main video commentary).This is also known as B Roll. This is the second part that you will shoot, capture.
  5. Using an editing tool like iMovie, you’re going to assemble the two clips together.  A roll below, B roll on top.
  6. Fix audio levels (between -10 to -0), add a music track in the background (make sure its a much lower level than the speaking audio).
  7. Add text, if needed.
  8. Export, upload to the global stage.
  9. Get a producer chair with your name in it.

Let’s watch how the completed movie looks like?


Let’s watch how this process looks like?


Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.32.39 AM

iMovie: You see the Blue tracks  are the video and their   connected audio.  The bottom blue track, AKA the A roll, is the  video with the audio description of what I’m doing. The top one, AKA the B roll, are the close up (CU) shots of what  I’m saying to help provide necessary details. The Green track is the song.  The small   home plate-looking things above the video track are Markers that I added (using the M key) to help me see where I need to add the B roll.  They’re just guides.

This process should help move the description and instructions much faster.  It keeps the video interesting and it also provides the necessary details needed to TELL your stories.  Use this as a tool and guide to make your very own “cooking style” video.


[DRAFT] How to make a HOW TO video look GREAT! More A Roll B Roll Tips.           

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.32.31 AM

Here is another example about how B Roll can help A roll (or talking head) provide a bit more context.  Although the B roll isn’t detailing what Stephanie is saying— it is functioning as a tool to help add value to the story watching experience.  It helps provide context.  For many, it’s “less boring”.  Look how I use the markers on the A roll with ease clips.  The B roll clips, like with the previous example, are placed above the A Roll and their markers.

This is another video editor called Final Cut Pro.  You’ll see the similarity between the FREE version and the professional version.  Learning with the FREE version helps you transfer to the more professional siblings.  Think about A Roll like the description and the B Roll as the “for examples”.  It’s all grammar— visual grammar!

For this video, Stephanie is talking about the importance of thinking through smarter passwords, contextualizing the learning lessons about being smart online, and even shares a tip.  This is the A Roll base.

Here is the sample video.


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