DRAFT: license plus.

Friends, this is an interesting dot connection.

For the past year, I’ve been fascinated with the The concept of assessment and all other areas, outside of school. Now, because of mobile technology and social networking and a variety of monitoring devices that are accessible, people have a greater opportunity to get immediate feedback to make immediate adjustments.

This is very interesting considering this doesn’t happen as much as we’d like at school. Since we don’t ask the right questions, in many situations, the quest for the right answer derails us from an alternative point of view– the association.

I am impressed and happy to see the early stages of how technology is helping people with their quality of life choices. I think it’s how the essential question now is “how do I leverage connected mobile technology and my social network to help me make better decisions with my health”. From there, the challenge is clear(er) to developers to connect dots between these technology points and more importantly the learning goals.

Automatic is an app that I use for my car. It tracks how I drive and give me a score based on a very easy to understand rubric. Except they don’t call it a rubric. They also provide you with a visualization of the data in a way that makes sense to more people. More importantly, it makes recommendations on what to do to help improve your score. The question for me, with this app, is not am I doing it right, however, it’s “how can I improve, maintain you’re driving decisions.” So, these developers have taken the concept of conditioning and making healthy eating choices and have dot connected it to driving.

Now, they have added another interesting concept: license+. In their own way, it’s badging system that provides students with a victory, which is a badge for a license that showcases evidence that they are a good driver and they have been making smart decisions. It also provides feedback to make adjustments. Also, in a very non-threatening way, it has a series of beeps that shares with you concerns (reminders) and needs that need adjustments..

I just thought I’d share it with you. I think examples in the real world like this one make for good conversation starters. I know, for me, they help me start the discussions around the right essential question.

Just some thoughts. Here’s a link below:


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