[draft] Challenge: how do you figure things out?


So much of school is about the problem and then the solution, however, the part that’s missing is the middle part– how do you get to a solution? What did the journey look like? What questions did you ask to get there? What did you know going into that journey? What do you need to know to go into that journey? what does that middle process look like?

An observation: because schools focus so much on the solution, the right answer, don’t dig into the middle, in other words, the story of learning. so, what happens is the following questions dominate: what do you want me to do? How do you want me to do it? When is it due? These questions all bypass that middle process, the framework to figuring things out, connecting the dots. so, when these questions dominate the education space, questions like “what if”, “why”, “how come”, and “if” lose out. These are questions that are at the cornerstones of curiosity. stop. Look around. See how the world needs more what if, how come, if, and why questioning.

So for you, the storyteller, I challenge you to make a movie and Ask questions that engages people in a conversation that explains and describes how they connect dots, figure things out.

Think about your process. When was the last time you figured something out? What did that journey look like? Did technology play a role in helping you? What did those guided activities look like? What resources did you use to figure it out?

Let’s focus on that part of the story away that gets left out, in many cases, at our schools.


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