How to be a super storyteller: the Digital Promise storyteller.


[ The SUPER Storyteller ]

A storyteller today is a mobile storyteller. I once heard from one of my favorite photographers, Chase Jarvis, that the best camera is the one that is with you. What this means is if you don’t have the ability to capture a moment, share that experience, collect evidence, then there was a missed opportunity. So much of being a storyteller is being there, experiencing it, internalizing it, we creating it, and sharing it.

However to be an effective storyteller, you need to be three things:

  • A producer.
  • A director.
  • And a technician.

A producer sees possibilities, they make the necessary connections between activity and interest. in other words, they see the promise of what is happening and seeing how others can benefit from the potential story. They figure out a way to isolate and frame the story opportunity.

The director figures out how to create, curate, and cultivate the process to tell that story. They help others with direction on how to capture it, how to get it done. They create a process that simplifies the journey map. A really good director inspires the technicians to feel connected to the project and help them be the best they can do what they do. I guess you can say that they could director is a good head coach, manager/ leader.

Finally, a technician someone who knows the tools and resources needed to help produce the story. They know how cameras work, I know the value of audio, to understand the power of timing in the post production process. They have a great sense of the technical options available to them to affectively communicate the potential and the possibilities from the producer and the process and workflow from the director. They get it done. They make it happen.

In the past, and in most cases, this is, at least, a three person team. This is a fish that can walk, swim, and fly! This is why I call this person the super storyteller, The superproducer!

Assess your skills and see where your strengths are. If you’re better at one of the three, figure out a way to find others who can complement you. Or, figure out a way to learn the other skill sets to help you evolve into this super storyteller.



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