Making waiting for something a celebration!


I’m sure you’ve seen the long lines of anticipation at the Apple Stores for a new product release.  Some people wait for days.  REALLY?!?!?  Wait for days for something they can get later?  YES!  Maybe some of you have done it. You know what I mean.  WHY?  Because its that special for them.  I have seen people wait lines at midnight for Harry Potter books, for a special doll, for a showing of the next Star Wars movie, and for the iPhone/iPad!  It’s the promise of something great they are interested in!  To be a part of a story seems to command these people to wait!  What does Apple do that creates this buzz?  They actually do little to create it beside making a memorable product– something people want.  What they do organize around the releases and openings is a big THANK YOU!  They celebrate the people who waited!  They applaud them, cheer them, high five them as they enter and even leave.  THEY OBSES over making the customer experience as amazing, as memorable, and as quick as possible (really).  They make this experience worth while, worth the wait (for millions).  They make it a day they would never forget.  Just look at a few weeks ago with the iPhone 6.

Question: What can you offer that people would be willing to wait for?  What is your promise?  What is the story people would want to connect with, be a part of?  For many schools across the world, there’s that magical day of giving the students their own iPad/ Tablet.  It’s call Deployment day for many schools (I capitalized it because for many kids– Its like all holidays wrapped into one.  If you’re an administrator, the day is different.  Fear maybe taking over so you plan according to the fear and it comes across during this missed celebration moment. Think about how you can help make the day a special one.  A BIG THANK YOU! Or, a BIG “you’re welcome!” If you made the celebration the main goal and the logistics on how to make it go smoothly, the “feel” will be different. Think about it!  How would it look like if Apple planned around the fear as oppose to plan for the victory but prepare for fear(s).   Compare that to planning for the worse and set up logistics as a the main goal.  Empathize for the many students who have been anxiously waiting.  Channel their emotions as you think through this special day.  The smiles and the wait will be more worth it. Remember,  its a first step for the school to rethink what learning is.  Is it scary and new?  Yes. But EXCITING!

How do we capture the day and storytell it?  Here is a link to one of these opening days.  See how the flow of the story takes logistics and getting ready and adds it to the feel of a celebration.  The care for every little detail isn’t for Apple– Its for the experience of the customer.

Check out other examples online!

Storyteller time: Lets break down the video.

What does that look like? The time lapse wide angles work.  Its shows the building process. Smiles, cheers, great body language. The pacing of the shots are quick– not even a second each. The music is upbeat and happy!  It builds!  Be smart about music (copyright issues and all).

2. The Footage: The shots show movement.  It’s not about waiting– its about moving!  Context is key.  You know you’re in Berlin.  Although the Apple stores have a similar brand feel– they adapt their shapes to the locations. This is key because its shows we can celebrate anywhere.  YOU MAY FEEL THAT THIS ISN’T YOUR CULTURE, however, plan as a celebration and the footage will showcase those victories.  Keep your shots quick and varied. Wide shots for location and context. Medium shots for action and movement. Close up/ tight shots for expression, and detail!  The devil is in the details!  No that. Live that!

This is the visual grammar for the following shots:

Wide shot: Context

Medium shot: Action

Close Up shot: Emotion

Close Up shot: Detail

3. The quality: Get the best footage you can with the best tools you have!  If you’re using a mobile device– keep your shots as still as you can.  Focus on the type of shots you need to capture: WHAT is happening, WHERE is it happening, and HOW is the feeling of the event!  If you do it right– the WHY will be obvious!

Challenge: Make your big deployment day a BIG deployment celebration day! Get ready to capture it!  Storytellers, sit with your “party planners” for the day and help visualize where you and your team need to be to get the MAGIC from the kids, their families, and the school folk!


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