Storytelling Tip: Write down the failures! They make better stories sometimes!

I heard Adam Savage, from Mythbusters, once say, “the difference between screwing around and conducting science experiments is writing it down.”  This is an interesting concept because admitting to a failure for the sake of making yourself a target for criticism HURTS and you’ll do what you can to avoid this pain.  

HOWEVER, owning the process as a lesson learned. a “bug”, an experiment, a need to get better, improve– Than this is a LESS painful experience.  An explorer (in any field) has a cool job because the danger of failing is embedded in their process, in their thinking, in their doing!  Engineers use “beta” testing…. TBC

People forget that it wasn’t Christopher Columbus discovered America. It was, however, Gutenberg who discovered America. Remember, the New World was discovered in 1492, the same year the printing press was invented. What I’m saying here is the invention happened because someone wrote it down. Someone documented the evidence.

Apparently, the first flight was not in North Carolina– it was in New Zealand. However, it was not documented. The Wright brothers documented their flight and film. There lies the difference. The explore, the scientist, it is critically important, however, without someone to document the experience, proving is much harder.

Documenting learning is super important today. Data alone is not enough to tell the right story for the right study. Sometimes, in my opinion-and most cases-the story is necessary to help communicate the right story.

Think story! Think collecting evidence!


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