(PENDING) Producers directors, know your workflow and create a framework that works for you.


Many years ago, I learned that it’s great if you have talent to produce amazing stories. However when it’s your job to produce stories on a regular basis, you need a workflow, a process, a framework that helps you plan, produce, present, and promote efficiently and effectively.

Here are 5 of my lessons learned through the years.

#1. Create a shared language. Because you will be working with other people, it’s important that you use terminology that helps facilitate the different parts of the process.

For example: At the top level, agree on a framework! For me, I follow a 5 “P” approach!

Plan: here we do the planning. What are we going to make? Why? What? And How?

Produce: once you agree on WHAT you’re going to produce and why, it’s time to make it. It’s the HOW part of the process.

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