The Local Storyteller Part 1: The Producer, Director, and Technician

local storyteller

Everyone needs to be a storyteller.  The very special ones  have three great qualities!  They are great process of stories. They see what happening, imagine the possibilities, and know how to collect or make it. The are truly life learners because everything and anyone is their teachers. They live to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel their environment. They process these experiences and understand how to internalize it, associate it with different aspect of their lives, and they have a hunger to share.

Storytellers want people to care. They want people to feel. Think about your favorite artist. Do they make you care? Feel? That transference of their interpretation of the world is amazing. Think about it. They live something, it moves them, they internalize it, remix it in their language of choice (media or style of choice), they share it with you. If it all aligns, it works. The emotion transfers through the process. How beautiful, amazing, important, AND hard is that? It’s a gift for some and a craft for others.

Here’s a brief description of what this means.


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